Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber. Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber.

Hemp 101

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Hemp 101

If you haven't had the pleasure of knitting with hemp, you're in for a real treat. Here are a few fascinating details about this alluring fiber and why we've included it in our flagship yarn, Tekla

What is hemp?

Hemp has been used for ages to create fabric, paper, ropes, canvas, and more. Similar to linen and flax, hemp is a cellulose fiber, and is cultivated from the stem of the cannabis sativa plant. It's a fiber that tends to raise an eyebrow or two, and while it's not that type of cannabis, industrial production is prohibited in the U.S., so we've internationally sourced the hemp used in Tekla.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Hemp has exceptional sustainability. Not only does it grow like crazy (it fully matures in 11 weeks), it is hearty and has no need for herbicides or pesticides. It needs less land and water to grow than cotton, and also yields more fiber per acre.

Hemp is also less susceptible to mold and mildew, and has amazing anti-static and antibacterial qualities that make this fiber a great choice for garments and accessories that you take on and off frequently, like scarves and shawls.

Hemp Blends

This bast fiber is a bit stiff at first, but greatly softens with each wash and wear. 
You won't get much stretch from hemp on its own, so it's best used when blended with other fibers that have some bounce, like the Merino wool in Tekla. Cool in the summer yet warm in the winter, garments containing hemp wear well making your knits last year after year.

Get acquainted!

You'll get to know hemp well when knitting or crocheting with Tekla. Hemp adds a bit of tonality and lends a heathery look to this rounded, plied yarn. The slight halo accentuates the glowing beauty of Tekla's silk content, too--creating a fabric that elevates even simple stitches.