Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber. Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber.


We hope this page can answer any questions you have about purchasing from or connecting with us at Quartermoon Fiber Company. If you're still in need of an answer, please contact us.
  • Where are Quartermoon Yarns made?
  • Where can I buy Quartermoon yarns in person?
  • I'm a designer and would love to work with your yarns. Do you offer yarn support?
  • Can I track my order?
  • Where do you ship to?
  • What are your shipping rates?
  • We're proud of how many skilled craftsmen come together to create each of our yarn offerings. Designed in Maryland and milled in Italy, we use only the best materials, carefully sourced through our mill. Here's more information on each of the materials we use:

    Merino Wool

    Origin: Australia

    Home to the finest Merino sheep in the world, Australia's wool is unparalleled in quality, micron count, and consistency. While we know some of our customers may take issue with mulesing practices, we assure you that our mills source from and reward ranches that make efforts to keep these practices ethical and humane. The nasty reality of flystrike makes this distasteful operation a must for sheep in Australia, but it is possible to perform this procedure in a kind, careful way. We believe that by continuing to support Australia's wool industry and encouraging our mills to source from farms with animal's rights in mind, we will be able to leverage the product we make (and money we send to these ranches) into updating these practices in Australia.


    Origin: China

    Hemp is more than a beautiful novelty fiber: it is the most environmentally friendly fiber available, with a speedy, renewable growing cycle (only 11 weeks to mature), and a durability and strength that mean your knits will last longer and continue to look exceptional. In blends like Tekla, hemp lends a heathery tonality to every skein and creates a unique halo, in addition to adding drape without the crunch of a similar fiber like linen. Fabrics made of hemp fibres convince with their unique quality – they are thermoactive, antistatic, antibacterial, provide a good UV protection and are quick-drying.

    Mulberry Silk

    Origin: China

    The finest silk money can buy, Mulberry silk has a long history of being a beautiful luxury fiber. Grown in China for thousands of years, we can't imagine going to anyone but absolute experts for this exquisite fiber. Pure white in color naturally, this silk does not require bleaching that might damage the shine and drape of this delicate fiber. It takes color beautifully and adds drape and elegance to the finished fabric of your projects. The history testifies that the first cocoons of silkworm and their surprising properties were discovered by Chinese almost five thousand years ago. China is the largest producer of high quality mulberry silk in the world.

  • Currently, our yarns, patterns, and kits are only available online. We haven't begun to seek stockists, but if you feel that your local yarn shop is a wonderful fit for our brand and mission, have them reach out to us at

  • Absolutely. We love working with talented designers who will lend their own visions to our fibers.

    Please reach out to us with your design idea or proposal at

  • All orders come with a tracking number, so you will be able to track your shipment to your door. 

    You will be notified by email when your product ships from our warehouse and receive your tracking number then. 

  • We ship everywhere in the world, but if in-doubt, contact us before purchasing. 

  • Our shipping rates are calculated by the total weight of your purchase and the distance the package travels to its destination. Our digital download products, like our pattern PDFs, do not incur a shipping cost.

    Check your estimated shipping rate by previewing your checking and entering your address.