Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber. Be the first to own Tekla, Quartermoon's flagship fiber.

We are Quartermoon Fiber Company.

Our yarns are for dreamers, for knitters who seek out unusual fiber blends and exquisite colors, who wish for yarns that entice, excite, and inspire.

At Quartermoon Fiber Company, we’ve created a yarn line for those ready to explore our imaginative world of texture and color. Our guiding principles are rooted in our own love for craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and our passion for the community this craft creates.

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Expertly Engineered Yarns

We value consistency and seek to honor the heritage and history of fine textile production. Our material suppliers are quality-driven and strive to meet our high standards. Our mills have centuries of experience sourcing and producing beautiful yarns from exceptional materials.

Centered, Practical Designs

We see the value in making things by hand. Never rushed or hurried, each of our design collections are carefully curated to result in garments with beautiful fit and endless versatility. We work with only the most professional and talented independent designers and thrive off the synergy of a beautiful shared vision. Our goal is always to introduce pieces that can suit a range of styles, seasons, and body types. 

Engagement & Encouragement

As a female driven company, our commitment is to working with, supporting, and helping develop the strength of our community, both domestically and internationally. We believe that a drive for success and entrepreneurial spirit should be rewarded and encouraged, which is why we give a portion of our profits to the International Rescue Committee, with the intent to send girls to school around the globe.

Extraordinary Colors

Our color palettes and fiber blends are chosen to withstand the fluctuating whim of trendiness, and result in knits that are wearable, effortless, and timeless.